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You are investing in one of the most important days of your lives. The costs for all these services and experiences will vary from company to company and professional to professional, based on the quality, experience and the team/technology invested into each presentation. Many companies may have similar offerings, but we encourage our clients to do their research, and you will discover the difference. We aren’t here to sell you on anything you don’t need. We’re here to answer any questions, even if you ultimately do not choose us. It’s more important to us that you find the right team and company that fits your personality and vision.

Pricing for our most popular packages are below. Custom tailored packages for your dream wedding are available. Below you will also see our a-la-carte pricing.

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Base Rate: $1,000 for 5 hours
This is the base rate for any of our amazing associate DJs with premium sound system for up to 150 guests.

  • Wireless LED Uplighting (up to 10 fixtures) : $300
  • Wireless LED Uplighting (up to 20 fixtures) : $500
  • Wireless LED Uplighting (up to 30 fixtures) : $700
  • Wireless LED Uplighting (up to 40 fixtures) : $900
  • Intelligent Lighting (2 Moving Heads on glow totems) : $500
  • Custom Monogram : $250
  • Dancing in the Clouds : $350
  • Basic Dance Floor Lighting : $200
  • Pinspotting (10 fixtures) : $300
  • Pinspotting (20 fixtures) : $500
  • Photobooth (5 hours): $700
  • Ceremony Package Setup (separate speaker system, wireless lapel, wireless microphone): $300
  • Cold Sparkler Fountains (2 fixtures) : $350
  • Cold Sparkler Fountains (4 fixtures) : $500
  • Overtime Rate : $100/hr
  • Sound System for up to 300 guests: $200
  • Sound System for up to 400 guests: $400
  • Sound System for 400+ guests: $500
  • Additional Speakers: $100 each

Custom Monogram, Pinspotting, and Full-Room Wireless LED Uplighting

Line array sound system, intelligent moving heads on glow totems, full-room wireless led uplighting

Line array sound system for 600 guests, intelligent moving heads on glow totems, full-room wireless LED uplighting, video projection services

Custom monogram, full-room wireless led uplighting, patterned projection from intelligent moving heads

RCF pro audio sound system for 250 guests, patterned gobo projection, full-room wireless led uplighting

Custom monogram, intelligent moving heads spotlighting of first dance, full-room wireless led uplighting

Full-room wireless led uplighting in light purple color for private last dance

RCF vertical column array sound system for 400+ guests, intelligent moving heads on glow totems, full-room wireless led uplighting

Line array sound system for 600+ guests, intelligent moving heads on glow totems, pinspotting, full-room wireless led uplighting


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